There was a goat that had a bell on his foot.  For that they called him a goat with a bell-foot.  This goat had three children called Shangool, Mangool and Hap-e angoor.  Shangool was gold, Mangool was colour of Hana and  Hap-e-angoor was black.
   The goat would go to the field so have some food for the little goats.
   One day she called her children and said: “my dears when I am not home if someone came and wanted to visit, tell them to come back later when mommy is home and if I knocked look at my hands and they are the colour of Hanna.

Lady goat went and on the other side the wolf saw that she left and was happy.  He rubbed his tummy and said “yum, yum, what delicious meal, I should go and tick them and have them for lunch and supper.” He went to the house and knocked.
  Who is knocking? Wants to walk in?
  The wolf changed his voice and said “ it’s me your mom, I have milk for you. Open the door my dears.”
  Shangool said “ if you are our mother show us your hand from under the door” The little goats said all together “ go, go you shameful wolf. The hand of our mother, the goat with the bell-foot, is the colour of Hanna.

The wolf went and washed his hands and put Hana on them, and came back to their house.
He knock and said that my children open the door , it’s me the goat with the bell-foot. I have milk in the breast, and grass on teeth. Open the door mom has come from the far with a load.
  The children said “show us your hands from the bottom of the door.”
  The wolf showed them his hands.
  Hapeangoor said “kids wait.” But They went and opened the door and as soon as the door opened the wolf jumped inside the house.
  The kids were scared and were trying to escaped but the wolf got Shangool in one paw and Mangool in the other.