Once upon a time on a sunny day, a crow saw a piece of cheese.  Quickly, he went and picked it up with his peek.  He flew and sat on a branch of a tree so he could eat his cheese in peace.
The fox was watching the crow, and he was thinking of doing something to get the cheese from the crow.  He approached the tree that the crow was sitting on and started to brag about the crow: “ wow, what beautiful wings with such nice color you have. 

Your gorgeous black wings are rare in the world. 

 You have such nice feathers and legs.  Too bad that you don’t have a nice voice, if you did  you would have been the most beautiful bird in the world.”

The crow was so proud of all the things the fox had said about him, he wanted to sing so the fox can hear that he has a nice voice, but as soon as the crow opens his peek the piece of cheese fall down and the fox picks it up and runs away.
Just then the crow found out about the fox’s trick, but it was too late.

So my dears kids, what lesson did you learn from this story? You have to be very careful.  If someone is admiring something or someone, he most likely wants some thing. I hope that you will never be tricked by any one.

Translation was done voluntarily by Parmis Mohebtash.  We thank her for her contribution to this site and to Iranian children.