In a little lake 3 fish lived. The green fish was smart and clever. The orange fish was less clever and the red fish was not clever at all.

One day two fisherman passed by the lake and decided to bring their net to catch some fish.  The 3 fish heard what the fishermen were saying.

The green fish that was smart did not waste any time and escaped from a small  passage that connected the little lake to a river.

The next day the fishermen arrived and closed the passage.
The orange fish had just noticed the danger, told himself that if I donít think of a way I will be captured by the fishermen.  He pretended to be dead and floated on the top of the water.

One of the fishermen thought the fish is dead and caught him and threw him over to the river. The fish took advantage of this time and escaped.

The red fish that did not use his brain moved this way and that way and was eventually caught by the fishermen.

Translation was done voluntarily by Parmis Mohebtash.  We thank her for her contribution to this site and to Iranian children.