There was a big farm next to the forest and this farm was full of chickens and ducks.

One day the hungry fox decided to go to the farm with the net and chase the chicken and duck for his lunch.

That fox went to the fence of farmland. Chicken escaped when it saw the fox is coming and duck jumped on the top of tree.

The fox said: I heard your beautiful sound and then came here to hear you better. Why do you jump over there?

The duck replied: I afraid of you and I feel safe here.

The fox asked:  Didnít you hear that king of animals said that no one should hurt anybody else from now on?

Duck looked at the farm far from There. Then Fox asked where are you looking at?



Duck answered: I am looking at the unknown animal who is coming from a far distance and has big ears and long tail .I donít know his name, may be he is a dog or wolf.     

Fox said: I guess that animal must be a big dog. So, I should go fast now.  

Duck said: Do you forget a little minute ago? You said that the King of animals says, "All the animals should be free and not worried about their safety.Ē Then why are you so sad?

The Fox said: I afraid if that dog didnít hear the king of animalsí speech and then escaped.

At the end Duck became free and came down the tree.


Translation was done voluntarily by Hormat - Shadgoo 15 years - Tehran

 We thank her for her contribution to this site and to Iranian children.
Taken from: " marzban nameh story "