Once upon a time there was a clever chubby lamb.  This lamb was very mischievous.  One day that he had gone to the field with the herd, he began playing around and running here and there until he got tired and sat and fell sleep.

When he woke up, he noticed that he is very far away from the herd. 
Suddenly he heard a horrifying sound and found a wolf in front of him. 

 The wolf was slobbering and said “ wow, what a delicious meal.”
The little lamb noticed that if he doesn’t think fast the wolf will eat him.
  So he said “ Mr. wolf before eating me fulfill my wish first.”

The wolf was surprised and said “ what wish?”
The lamb said “ I have a nice voice and I like singing, before being eatenlet me sing first.”

The wolf thought that there is no problem and listen to the lamb sing and then I eat him.  The wolf let the lamb sing.
The lamb started to sing and he made ba ba noises so much that the herd’s dog heard his voice and started running toward him. 

 The wolf saw that the dog is running toward him and with a hungry stomach stared to run away.
With this thought the lamb saved his own life.


So kids remember to be hopeful all the time and try to think in all
situation just like our little lamb.

Translation was done voluntarily by Parmis Mohebtash.  We thank her for her contribution to this site and to Iranian children.