There was an old lady whose daughter lived on the other side of the jungle.
One day she missed her daughter and her son-in-law, and decided to visit them.

 The way of the jungle was long, dangerous and full of animals.  The next morning she put her stuff together and was on her way.

She hadn't gone far yet that she was  confronted by the wolf. The wolf said " wow what a great meal, a wonderful one."
The old lady was afraid but did not lose her cool.
"Hi hi Mr.. wolf. how are you feeling? You are nice and kind, clean and well spoken.  Please step aside please let me get on my way.. I want to go to my daughter and son-in-law."
The wolf said " no way I let you go, it's been two days that I have had anything to each and haven't given my kids any food"
The smart old lady said " I am small and tiny, see how weak I am. Let me go to my daughter's, I will be eating all sort of different kind of food and I will gain a lot of weight. Then I'll come and you can eat me."

The old lady went on her way until it was noon time.  All of a sudden a big tiger jumped in front of her from a tree, and with a howl said: " wow what a great meal, a wonderful one"
The old lady was very scared but tried to keep her coo and said " hi my tiger my beautiful tiger. I know you are kind let me go to my party"
The tiger said "I am hungry old lady."
The old lady with a sigh said" I am no use for you, just skin and bone. Let me go to the party, you know the reason? I want to go and eat roasted chicken and all sort of food and get chubby."
The tiger was satisfied and told her to go but come back very soon.


The old lady continued her journey until sun down when a horrifying sound of a lion froze her on her spot. The old day with such a nice tong said "
Hay Mr.. Lion the king of the Jungle
The Lord of tiger and wolf
You are the king of all the animals
You are the Lord of Elephants and mouse
It is lat let me go, I have got lots to do.
The lion said " No way I let you go, the road is closed you cannot go"
The old lady with her wisdom said " wow what a pleasure, but I am very tiny and weak. Let me go to the party, you know the reason? I want to eat roasted chicken and all sort of food. Then I'll be chubby and fat then I'll be back . You can eat me."
The lion said " I have given up eating you , I'll be here waiting for you"